The following are examples of my work as a solo musician and player in different contexts. Please see the dedicated Child Stone Studios page for production/engineering-focussed examples, and the Discography for a complete list of recorded works.

Solo music:

w/ Alvvays:

(drums, percussion) 

w/ Samantha Savage Smith:

(co-production, co-songwriting, engineering, drums, percussion, bass, guitar, cello, keys, vocals)

(co-production, songwriting, drums, percussion, guitar, piano)


(recording and performance of drums)

w/ Clea Anais

(drums, percussion, co-prouduction and/or engineering)

w/ Marlaena Moore:

(co-production, drums, percussion)

Improvised Music:

Chris Dadge & Tim Olive, Nice You, 2020, (845 Audio)

Bent Spoon Trio (bandmember, recording & mixing)

Unrepeatable Quartet (w/ Jack Wright, Ellwood Epps, Scott Munro)

(Live in Calgary with Eric Chenaux and Scott Munro)